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[IP] Re: big whup indeed (a rant) (another rant)

>a rant, so if you are easily offended or generally don't like what I 
>write....take heed and hit delete NOW.....you have been warned.....

This is a rant about the rant... ;-)

I must say that I'm surprised by the level of "big whup"edness on this 
board.  The entire time I've been hear, people have been talking about 
how they can't wait for a system that does pretty much what this system 
is doing, and now it is here.  Sure, it isn't exactly revolutionary.   
But, to say it isn't a major step forward is ignoring many facts.

1. Calculating boluses is NOT an easy chore for MOST people.  Sure, 
some people can do it in their sleep...but many cannot.  Children, in 
particularly, would have trouble with it.

On top of that, even if the math isn't hard, it is level of work that 
doesn't need to be done.  I use my Logbook DM program to perform all my 
calculations for me.  I may adjust the final result based on additional 
information, but mostly, I use it to calculate it.  Why?  Because it 
can do it a LOT faster and more accurately than I can without having to 
look up information.  For example, calculating unused insulin is not 
something most of us can just do in our sleep...and even if you have a 
chart, you have a larger margin of error than a software can calculate.

2. Such a system will improve logging of information.  Unless someone 
is very diligent, as many undoubtedly are...for the majority of people, 
logging all the information is not done whole-heartedly.  Such a system 
will ensure that all boluses and BG levels are logged, at least to some 

3. It really IS the FIRST step toward a closed-loop system.  A pump 
alone is completely open ended.  A meter alone is completely open 
ended.  By finally making the meter communicate with the pump, the loop 
is beginning to close.  

4. So what if some of the language is for advertising purposes???  The 
fact is, the pump companies have to sell pumps to make money.  They 
have to make money to make improvements and perform more research, 
etc.  They have to make improvements and perform research to improve 
OUR quality of life with the new advances.  Sure, it is a long 
haul...but let's be GLAD that it's being done at all, not irate that it 
is taking too long!

I look forward to the day that my own Logbook DM software becomes 
obsolete.  FOr now, it is a whole lot easier to accurately bolus using 
software than to do it myself, even if I'm perfectly capable to do it 
myself.  I can calculate my insulin requirements in less than 10 
seconds once I've performed my BG test.  That includes entering data!  
When I did it by hand, it took much longer (especially with ratios that 
I have, such as 1 unit for every 9.5 g of carbs, and 1 unit for every 
42 mg/dL over 100), AND it was never as accurate.

So, please, stop ranting about improvements and let's be thankful for 
them!  Even if it doesn't help you, it will help a LOT of people.
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