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[IP] big whup indeed (a rant)

Well said hon, and as you know, every diabetic charlatan for the past 
80 years has promised some great things in that now proverbial 5 
years.  From cures, to noninvasive meters,to closed loops, etc, etc. 
I'm very impressed that Medtronics has lowered the bar to 4 years! 
Must be a sign of everything being so much faster in the 21st 
century.  But the end product will likely be as successful as all the 
ones with the 5 year wait.

<<<<< effective closed loop system? So now THIS is the BEST it can 
be? THIS is the FULL  potential???  Until 4 years down the road which 
is when Ms. McLaughlin from   Medtronic says we can expect the closed 
loop system (though, when I went on the pump 10 1/2 years ago, they 
were saying within FIVE years they would have a   closed loop 
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