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[IP] Lots of Questions

My doctor suggested yesterday I start thinking about the pump.

I've done quite a bit of research already, but am having difficulty finding

I am insured by Cigna HMO ($10 copay).  They tell me that durable medical
equipment is covered 100% but with a yearly limit of $3500.  I also need a
CPAP machine which will take about $1000 out of that limit.  They tell me
that they sole-source with Mini-Med.  My employer (Texas school district) is
probably going with the state teacher insurance which at the current time is
Blue Cross / Blue Shield and covers 90%/10% with no limit.

Cigna/Gentevia/MiniMed will not tell me how much a pump and/or supplies
cost, so I can't figure out if I can even afford it.    Anyone have any
ideas.  Should I wait until the insurance change?

...I have more questions, but I figure one at a time would be best.
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