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Re: [IP] FDA Approves New Minimed Paradigm/BD Logic Combo

As a paradigm user (huge fan of the pump) I am happy to hear that MM has done 
this. Yes, its similar to the Cozmo, but I there are features in the paradigm 
that no other pump has (the remote, my godsend). 

Frankly, I think it is great that there is another company out there that is 
offering these features. I get so sick and tired of having to calculate 
 everything. I know that I will still have to do my own calculations, but it
 give my brain a bit of a break. I have used my brain enough these past 4 years
(with 8 months left) in college!

I hope that Animas and Disetronic takes a look at MM and the Cozmo pump and 
get their own ideas. If it weren't for compition we wouldn't have these great 

I can't wait to be upgraded. Anyone know how that will happen? I got my 
paradigm Aug 02.

Kudos to MM and to anyother company that does something similar!

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992 
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