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RE: [IP] big whup indeed (a rant)

Hi, Sara,
I understand your frustration with the hype and the snail-like (it seems
to me) development of a closed-loop system, but at the same time I've
got to say that news of the FDA approving new diabetes-support
technology is good news to me.  My particular opportunity for personal
growth re: my pump and my diabetes is my tendency to enter information
into my meter about how much insulin I'm going to bolus, and then
forgetting to enter it into my pump until I start to feel odd an hour or
so later.  It seems to me that a system like this would help with that.

I'm not saying it isn't my own forgetfulness that's at the root of this
problem, nor am I blaming anything on the pump (or my meter, for that
matter).  I'm just saying that this is _my_ particular common point of
failure, and that I can see a system like this helping with it.

BTW, I enjoy your posts a lot.

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