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[IP] big whup indeed (a rant)

a rant, so if you are easily offended or generally don't like what I 
write....take heed and hit delete NOW.....you have been warned.....

I hate to admit it, but i have to agree with Len....(shock and awe all 

big fat hairy deal on the new MNMD gizmo......For god's sake, the ONLY way we 
are going to get perfect blood sugars is IF WE AREN"T DIABETIC!  I RESENT the 
implication that it is MY fault when my blood sugars aren't "optimal" because 
I made a MATH mistake!  Does this new gadget take into account the fact that 
the SITE may be bad? NO  Does it know if you are fighting a cold?   NO  Does 
it know if you ate chinese food or ben and jerrys for dinner? NO  Does it know 
if your insulin is bad NO....Does it know it you are PMSing?  NO  Does it know 
you are working out later? NO....a million things that I take into account 
EVERY time i take a bolus!

They say this "intelligent system" can lead to optimal blood sugars??  what 
the hell have they been saying for the last 30 years about pumps in their 
 marketing for the damn things...to sum UP, they have ALWAYS said that pumps can
used to achieve optimal blood sugars!! No, wait, they have been LYING about 
that for the last 30 years - we couldn't REALLY get optimal blood sugars until 
NOW!!!  HA!  I don't THINK so.  Hell, even the FDA said this "could be" a 
 "FIRST step" towards developing the fully integrated system.....COULD be....Mr.
 McCaulley of Medtronic says that they have "harnessed the full potential of the
pump..."  Is this IT???  what happened to what we really all want...an 
 effective closed loop system? So now THIS is the BEST it can be? THIS is the
potential???  Until 4 years down the road which is when Ms. McLaughlin from 
 Medtronic says we can expect the closed loop system (though, when I went on the
pump 10 1/2 years ago, they were saying within FIVE years they would have a 
 closed loop system.....) So then in 2008, they have something NEW to sell us
will be the NEW and BETTER and ONLY way to achieve "optimal" blood 

Come on you guys...they are SELLING US STUFF!!!  They know our American 
 consumer tendancies....throw money at a problem until it goes away....Why not
work on a cure for this mother....why not work on a VACCINE to prevent FUTURE 
generations from getting it???  why waste all those CONSUMER dollars on new 
and better and faster...yeah...I know....this is america......but then, my car 
is almost 9 years old and i am STILL using an old fashioned tape player when I 
go to the gym and I have a 19" TV and NO cable....ewww how unamerican could I 

Just how does this new "dosing support and integration of the blood glucose 
meter have the potential to attract a much broader complement of patients and 
physicians to pump therapy."  If people and doctors are too scared to be using 
a  pump now, how is THIS going ot make it any different?  Imagine the alarms 
 and errors with all the integrated wiring and high tech components...this ain't
yer granny's insulin pump!!!  People freak out now over little static alarms 
and loss of power....."ohnoooooo my meter isn't sending the message to my 
pump...how on earth am i going to figure out my bolus......oh damn that mnmd 
 customer support they never answer their calls on teh first ring anymore...wahh
wahh wahhhhhh"

And i am not an engineer, but I am SURE THIS type of wireless communication 
WOULD probably be against airline rules...I mean if they can ban cell phones 
and game boys, I am sure this will be on the list too!  There is more than a 
 little battery action going on, i imagine in the transmission from the meter to
the pump....so, do I take the batteries out of my meter for the 6 hour 
> Prior to this integrated system, many diabetes patients 
> mentally calculated the amount of insulin needed, 
> a complex process that can result in dosing inaccuracies 
>and lead to less than optimal blood sugar control. 

Here they imply that we are not intelligent enough for the very basic 
 elementary school math needed to figure out a bolus. I can do this math in my
or if not, there are customizable charts and graphs available.  I can LOOK at 
the history screen and KNOW that I have taken insulin in the past hour/2hours 
or whatever and do the ROUGH math to know that it is simply TOO soon to bolus 
AGAIN...i don't need an algorhythm to know I need to wait to allow my insulin 
the time to work....I rather ENJOY being a mathematician...I LIKE being able 
to eyeball a plate of food and do a calculation in my head for what i need 
insulin wise, based on what my current blood sugar is.....and HAVING THE 
 CONTROL!!! Like Len, I can do math in my head even when I am asleep or low, and
if you
CAN'T, then perhaps you shouldn't be using a pump??  

And STILL after all this calcualtion and wireless communication, ALL it does 
is MAKE A RECOMMENDATION??  Shoot, i can call my blood sugars into my CDE and 
SHE can make a recommendation....no need for a new expensive gadget...NO 
FREAKING WONDER health insurance premiums are going up!!!!!

This is NOT going to make diabetes EASIER any more than that stupid 
 glucometer that "hides" the strips inside so you have one less thing to "worry"
 about...oh PUH LEEEEZE...like I WORRY about my strips....Dr. Gridlock can still
my A**

So, this new gizmo is NOT going to take care of all the problems...probably 
NOT even all the math mistakes.  If there is ANYONE on this list who thinks 
 this new gadget is the ultimate ANSWER to their prayers or who thinks it is
to make their life with diabetes SOOoooo Much easier...then I wish you the 
 best of luck....In my opinion, to blame the PUMP for a bad blood sugar is a COP
out.  Anyone who does so, uses the pump as a crutch, rather than a TOOL and 
has not fully accepted the responsibility demanded by diabetes.  god (or 
 whoever) KNOWS I am NOT a perfect diabetic (though I AM a perfect 38C), but I
the pursuit of perfection is a WASTE of time and life.  it is IMPOSSIBLE to 
achieve or maintain....I strive for excellence, my pursuits are not in vain, 
and I am not a BAD person for not being perfect

<rant off>

Sara Bitchy Pants
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