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[IP] FDA Approves Combination New Minimed ..............

-- maybe im dumb (if you think so, please be nice, and keep it to yourself)

from what i read, this is NOTHING.....

 >>The pump's  Bolus Wizard calculator recommends insulin dosage based upon 
preset information

Sound a whole lot, like what cozmos been doing......

 >>>uses the thinnest lancet on the market and requires one of the
smallest test strip blood volumes (0.3 microliters).

If thats something new, and wonderful... im the pope....
BTW, the freestyle, uses 1/3 (.33).... Boy, That Sounds like a Major Big 
Difference to me....

you still have to poke your self, then,  and IT does the Calculations, and 
tells the pump, how
much insulin, you May need.... (or, the pump, does the calculation)
(adding a carb ratio, if eating)

At the present, i poke myself,  figure out how many units i may need, and I 
tell the pump,
how much insulin I DO need..... (adding a carb ratio, if eating)

BIG WOOP...... lot of hype. no real BANG !!!
 >>  major breakthrough
Pleh-eze (anyone interested in a buying a bridge, in new york ?)

when i DONT have to poke myself, or worry about what i eat,  then, im 
gettin' excited....
the math, i can do in my sleep, even if my bs, was 32....

I hope, YMWillV, but, read i closely, before you get all excited
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