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[IP] How many basal rates?

In a message dated 7/6/2003 6:13:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> 6 different basals is too much.  Nobody really needs more than 4.  You're
> just fooling yourself if you think that many basals is helping.  Too many
> variables.

Obviously we are all very different.  I have 11 different basal rates in a 24
hour period.  It works perfect for me.  I am VERY sensitive to the insulin.  I
was never able to get anywhere near even readings before getting my pump.  It
would also depend on how much time, effort and fasting you want to put into
"tweaking" the rates/times of day/etc to get them just right.  With me I had
been unable to achieve good control on shots and always felt crummy so when I
figured out how I could get very good control and how much better it made me
feel, I decided I would make it my "mission" for a few weeks to get everything
just as good as I could.   With my Animas I have finally been able to get
readings between 80 and 120 for a whole day/night at a time while fasting.
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