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Re: [IP] Effects of Long Term BG Corrections

At 11:47 PM 7/6/03, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:
>Question: On a MM 508 for 2 years now, Wifey says that I should NOT use the
>pump as a crutch.
>  Eat anything, and just bolus for it. She says the insulin will work for a
>while, but then I will become
>"immune" to the effects of insulin - and be up a the creek?
>  Any truth to this?

The only people that I know of where insulin appears to not work is for 
Type 2s who have become insulin resistant.  For me, after 40 years of using 
insulin as a Type 1, I am still just as sensitive to insulin as I was when 
first diagnosed.   YMMV.  And, why would your wife think that covering what 
you eat with insulin (just like any "normal" person) would make you 
"immune" to insulin?  Wherever did she get this idea?

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