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RE: [IP] Re: Dawn's problem with MRI & employment

Dawn wrote:

Do I give up control of diabetes although not controlled yet  brittle
and take the pump on/off for each patient despite what my DR recommends
go back to shots which sucked! ...

wait and enjoy unemployment ...

 I would like to tell them I'm diabetic and have a pump and when they
have a
position available that I would be working with another tech I would be


I don't know the details of your job, but if I understand the problem
then I would take the job and detach and re-attach your pump as
necessary for your safety and the patients.  You say you don't want to
give up being an MRI tech, and I don't see any reason why you would
_have_ to --- a pump is more convenient if you can leave it attached all
the time, but it is _possible_ to take it off for varying periods of
time (some people take it off to swim, for example) and compensate with
an appropriate bolus when they reconnect.

I'd definitely go with something that you can detach and re-connect to
easily.  I like silhouettes with IV skin prep -- I haven't needed to use
the safety loop arrangement and have not had problems with them pulling
out or any other disaster (YMMV) and they can be disconnected and
reconnected with one hand.

I would think that even with the attaching and detaching inconvenience,
a shelf or table right outside the room with the deadly death rays :)
would take care of the problem -- detach on your way in and re-attach on
your way out.  It seems to me that your control would be better if you
did that and worked on making sure your correction boluses were set
correctly than you would get on any combination of shots you could go
back to.  And less chance of going low unknowingly, which I think might
be more of a hazard to your and the patients' well-being.  If it were
me, I'd wear scrubs or something similar with an over-blousing kind of
arrangement so you didn't have to mess with belts, etc.

Whatever you decide, let us know how it goes for you. 

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen
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