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[IP] 508 to cosmo?? don't jump just yet!

i told you all i would post back. :) i would say WAIT unless you really
don't want minimed anymore for other reasons. i was convinced i was
jumping to a cosmo and i, like you, have one year left on my warrenty with
my 508. i *just* spoke with my local minimed rep (who uses a pump himself)
and he was very familar with the cosmo and how they compare.
he couldn't give me exact details yet or a date (because they're waiting
on 510k fda approval) but i think i'm going to wait the 3-4 months for the
new paradigm. they already have 3-4 more new pumps inline for the next 3-4
years, at a cost of $450 a year for a BRAND NEW PUMP once you buy a
paradigm upgrade plan.
the new new paradigm (512 model) has a bolus wizard and the unused insulin
wizard uses a different algorithm- instead of the "every hour you've used
25% of your insulin" rule it trys to mimic the natural bell curve of
insulin action time. i asked him a million questions but it was enough
that i'm going to wait. it will ship with the (imho obnoxious) holster and
the new spring belt clip.
the only way you can upgrade is if a) you have a medical need or b) you're
out of warrenty with your current pump.
if any of you find out more please let me know- i want to upgrade very
soon and want to have all the facts. when's the next minimed chat
anyway...?!!?? i'm actually quite happy with minimed service this
weekend... had to call them 8 times because of pump issues, and each time
they were very nice, even when i was starting to panic...

anxiously awaiting a new pump...

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00 pumping 508 9/00
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