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[IP] Recent hospital stay

Well after what I thought was going to be a same day surgery to fix a
hernia from the surgery to remove my spleen and 97% of the pancreas this
winter turned into a week's stay in the ICU.

My blood sugars were all over the place either too high or too low. Part
of the problems is that insulin coverage is done as a reaction and not
proactively. At the hospital I go to the only place to have your blood
sugars taken around the clock more than 4 times a day is in the ICU.

My question goes to those who have access problems in starting IV's
etc...I know lots of us have these problems but when did you get to the
point when you are asking for a portacath or some other type of easy

I landed in the ER the day I was suppose to have same day surgery with a
blood sugar of less then 30 and 4 glucagon shot already taken. As I was
further dropping it took the ER 45 minutes to gain access to push an amp
of 50% glucose and it was a small vein in my thumb...you know that hurt
and of course blew out when they went for a second amp.

Once in the ICU they tried with a specialist nurse for IVs to place a
PICC or central line in. My veins are shot from the surgery etc this
winter and the only access was going to be in my neck with a central
line. But meanwhile they got a small IV line going in my arm. I'm
allergic to local atheistic and had to wait till Monday when they
rescheduled the surgery so they could put me under to place in the
central line.

Access and quick access is getting scarier and scarier with each
emergency visit. What are my choices and questions I should be placing
to my primary doc?
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