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[IP] waiting to upgrade

?  wrote
> They might not pay for a new pump early???Should I wait???

well, unless you got the spare $5K laying around, my suggestion would be to 
wait.  Remember the pump is only a tool...it is NOT a crutch or a doctor or a 
cure.  It gives you only what you tell it to do.  I suggest learning how to 
 make the 508 do the things you want/need it to do...a new/different pump may or
 may not solve your problems. I have been on a 508 for a little over a year and
ahve had no problems with it.  I have been pumping on Minimed for 10 1/2 
 years and have had no problems, and if someone as meek and gentle souled as I
can make this pump behave, then ANYONE ought to be able to do it.

keep at it

Sara SP
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