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[IP] disney

someone wrote:

> I am going to Disney 3rd wk Aug......SNIP.I"m pumping with mm 508, 
> do you need to waterproof....Should I get a sportguard, is it easy to 
> Does anyone think I need a loaner pump?? I guess I need a 
> note from my Dr. for the airport??

Wow, i guess you are nervous....
1) i have gone to both disneys, as well as knotts, magic mountain, 
 astroworld, seaworld and busch gardens with a UNwaterproof pump. The 508, like
 others, IS WATER RESISTANT!!! Even a brief potty dunking is not gonna hurt it
long as you get it out and dry it off good.  You do NOT need the sports case 
to protect it from getting wet!  Put it in a baggie, tape it closed with clear 
shipping tape so you can still see to bolus and pop it in your pocket. I mean, 
unless you plan on SWIMMING in those log rides, you are not going to get 
SOAKED.  I just don't suggest using the clip if you want to go on upside down 
 rides.....i don't trust the tape on the silhouette to hold the pump to me when
forces are being applied to my body....

2) no, you do NOT need a loaner pump.  As with any trip, bring a handful of 
 syringes or better yet, as jan C suggests, get one of those 10 count baggies of
them and have your pharmacist LABEL them with your syringe prescription.  If a
nything goes wrong with your pump and why would it....you can always shoot up 
for a couple of days...better than being worried about leaving a "spare" 
$5,000 medical device in your hotel room, in MY opinion

3)  Notes from doctors are useless,really.  I could forge any doctor's letter 
so easily with my spit and toilet paper computer, so imagine what someone 
 with a scanner could do. Just have syringes, insulin and medicine labeled with
your prescription.  I had my pharmacist print me out a label for the novalog 
they normally put on the box and slapped it on a pill bottle 
container...sturdier than the paper box

Have fun...I was put on the pump on a monday and spent 4 days in the hospital 
getting regulated and squared away...Friday morning, me and mom were on the 
way to Orlando.  I did my first site change in the first aid room t Disney 
 World. very clean...NO PROBLEMS...and DAMN was that chocolate covered rice
treat fun to test my bolusing skills on!!!

Sara SP
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