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[IP] Re: Cure for diabetes

To those who are against Embryonic Stem Cell Research, if you want to 
understand the position, you must first accept their belief (which also 
happend to be my own) that life begins at conception.  Once that is 
accepted (whether you agree with it or not) you can understand the 
position of being against embryonic stem cell research.  Killing an 
embryo to extract stem cells is the same, to those people including 
myself, as committing murder.  WOuld you find it acceptable to murder 
certain people if it was determined that their bodies could be used to 
cure all kinds of diseases?  Probably not.  Well, in the eyes of those 
who are against ESCR (abbreviated henceforth), it is the same scenario.

The good news, however, is that a couple months agree significant 
progress was made in the area of ADULT stem cell research.  They were 
able to isolate the genes that cause an adult stem cell to start acting 
like an embryonic stem cell.  The news is exciting, because, while 
there is still work to do, it proves that embryos are NOT necessary for 
research...instead, more focus needs to be FIRST placed on the adult 
stem cell arena.  Once they do this, then they will be able to continue 
with stem cell research in general without ever harming a single 
embryo.  A few months back, the argument was that adult stem cells 
aren't as "usable" as embryonic...but this new breakthrough shows that 
just won't be the case in a few years.

For the record, I'm fine with stem cell research that does NOT involve 
embryonic stem cells.  But, I'm vehemently against embryonic stem cell 
research.  To me, the loss of one life doesn't justify the saving of 


>FOR THE RECORD.....I did NOT open up THIS can of worms.....so everyone 
>now gets on their moral high horse, leave me out of it!!  What you 
>believe or 
>don't believe in is your personal beeswax...in fact....if you want to 
>this issue on a MORAL level, take it to the 
>email @ redacted writes:
>> I agree with Sara, how could anyone suffering from a debilitating 
>> like Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's et al, including most heart 
>> and spinal cord injuries, not be in total support of STEM CELL 
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