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[IP] new doctor- now I'm confused

 It is funny - I have four (4) basal rates which work for me (A1c 5.4% w/ very
few lows). My endo has suggested I 'tune' my basals and add some more rates
between 8 am and 11 pm (my basal is flat btw those times = no changes.) I have
what you would call reverse down phenomena (my BG goes up when I sleep.) My
basal goes from .6 to .9 back to .6 between 11pm and 8 am and then stay flat at
.6 while I am awake. I keep saying I will look into it, but the times I have had
to skip b-fast or lunch for work reasons (not a real basal test) it seems to
stay pretty leveled. I just see no reason to change for now.

 I do adjust my basal when I exercise (cut in half) but that is not a standard
basal. I just do a Temp ~1hr before (if I am lucky enough to plan in advance)
starting the workout and leave it for the duration of the workout.

 Regarding the thyroid, that was the first thing my endo checked after
diagnosis. She put me on medication as soon as the blood test came back. She
said pretty much after you get diagnosis of diabetes, you should check the
thyroid since there is a strong correlation of diabetics and thyroid problems.

 Best wishes with your new Doc. Just keep reading and keep yourself informed as
much as you can. Like someone else said here, we are our primary doctors. There
will not be any doctor that will know you better than yourself if you are well

 Eloisa and Bombita (for now at least - I have not returned it yet - Waiting to
see the MM rep to see if I have to send her back :o(

Julie wrote:
<< I used to have a basal profile with 6 different doses.  The new one says
that's not usually right except for someone who exercises at a certain time
or has other unusual circumstances, so she put me on 4.>>

<<She also spent a lot of time checking my thyroid, and also did blood work.
The other one never checked my thyroid and only did a urine test once a year,

said cholesterol was my primary care doc's job and never mentioned thyroid.>>
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