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[IP] low carb/no insulin "therapy" for type 1

I think your friend is confused.  Before the discovery of insulin the
therapy was, as you described, a very low carb diet - otherwise known as the
starvation diet.  Some patients were able to survive several years doing
this.  One young man actually survived 6 years.  However, these patients
were skeletal and horribly weak.  They did not lead normal lives.  To
survive you must feed your cells and to feed your cells you must have
insulin.  I think this is dangerous misinformation to spread.


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From: "Faith" <email @ redacted>
> Well it may be a rare thing but I know someone here who is an RN and
> very into holistic health stuff, she is head of that kind of stuff at
> one of the local hospitals.  Both of her parents are type 1 diabetics
> since they were children and she has them eating an almost no carb diet
> and they are having good control with no insulin.  > Faith, pumping with
the dtron plus 4-5-03
> type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
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