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Re: [IP] re: vision changes/no carb diet for type 1?

I don't know what you mean that you were originally dx as Type 2, 
even though your blood sugar was approaching 400.  My dad is a Type 2 
and his blood sugar gets that high at times.  A low-carb diet (and/or 
oral meds) would have no impact in control for a Type 1 diabetic.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99>>>>>>>>>>>

Sorry, Cindy, I wasn't clear.  I had gestational diabetes, then was
diagnosed when my son was 4.  I'm quite sure it "went away" after he was
born, so I'd had diabetes for 4 years or less.  Since type 2 supposedly
comes on so slowly, I don't think my blood sugar would have gotten that
high in less than 4 years, especially in a semi-normal weight 36 year
old.  Also, my symptoms were more consistent with type 1 - weight loss
and ketones.  SUPPOSEDLY, type 2s GENERALLY have a lower blood sugar
level at the time of diagnosis.  Apparently, type 1 comes on much more
slowly in adults than in younger people, which is why I was able to
control it by diet and exercise for about a year.  Of course, that was a
year of almost no carbs, like I said.  I think that I was in the
honeymoon period when I was diagnosed, so I was still making enough
insulin to keep me alive and that's about it.  When I went on insulin, I
asked for an islet cell antibody test, and it was positive, which made me
officially a type 1.  Also, by the time I went on insulin I was basically
eating protein and dark green veggies, and maybe half an apple a day.  My
blood sugar was regularly over 300, so the low-carb thing was no longer

All I can say is I'm glad to be alive.

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