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Re: [IP] Effects of Long Term BG Corrections

These are my opinions, and if anyone has a problem with them, so be it.....

I would tell my sig other to go jump in a lake...till they are the one
dealing with this disease personally, they have NO right to tell us what we
should/should not eat when we are pumping and counting carbs. As far as I
know, if your body is going to become resistent to insulin, it will, we have
some wonderfull people on this site, who have NOT eaten way more sweets than
anyone else, and their daily dose of insulin sometimes superceeds the amount
of insulin the pump can hold(275 to 300U).'
I do understand that she worries, but you are doing your best to be as
healthy as possible, right? If you are on the pump and countin carbs, and
effectivly matching carbs to insulin, tell her not to worrie, take a chill
pill and stop policing you and your diabetes.....also tell her you love her
for being concerned ;).
Tami in Tucson

 Question: On a MM 508 for 2 years now, Wifey says that I should NOT use the
pump as a crutch.
 Eat anything, and just bolus for it. She says the insulin will work for a
while, but then I will become
"immune" to the effects of insulin - and be up a the creek?
 Any truth to this? I have heard of a very few people - that insulin does
continue to work, but think
that is the exception - not the rule.
 A normal body produces insulin, and can handle mild abuse, does one really
to lead a greatly
 regimented life - while on the pump? I do monitor and bolus frequently, but
concerned for long-term

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