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[IP] Re: new doctor- now I'm confused

At 9:54 AM -0400 7/7/03, Cheryl Alkon wrote:
>Keep in mind that YMMV when making blanket statements like the below. I am
>on nine different basal rates--four for the dawn phenom alone--and they work
>great for me. However many basal rates a person needs to maintain control is
>what works best for them.
>--Cheryl Alkon
>IDDM since 1977, MM508 since 2000

Show me someone with a normal pancreas who has less than 100, or even 
less than 10, "basal rates"   If they stop "fooling" themselves then 
I'll stop too!       ;>)

>Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 20:24:50 -0500
>From: "Neal & Kara" <email @ redacted>
>2)  6 different basals is too much.  Nobody really needs more than 4.
>You're just fooling yourself if you think that many basals is helping.  Too
>  many variables.

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