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[IP] Re: Up a creek?

    The pancreas puts out more than just insulin (in a precursor form). It
presents these products to the body via the liver. It reacts to different
body situations ( such as feed back loops)  that the BG meter and pump do
not, can not recognize. The pump only puts an insulin analog in to our
capillaries. There are differences in how our bodies react to these two
different delivery systems. Like it or not the pump is a crutch. Because of
the differences between these systems you can not just 'eat and bolus'.
Trying to cope with this difference makes 'diet' important. You should be
able to demonstrate how the 'eat and bolus' approach does not work by
looking at BG readings after you eat various foods.
   I think that the immunity statement has been addressed by others but it
makes me wonder if this is being mixed up with 'insulin resistance' or the
common ,long term ineffectiveness of T2 orals.        Peter

> From: Carl Findeiss <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Effects of Long Term BG Corrections
>  Question: On a MM 508 for 2 years now, Wifey says that I should NOT use the
> pump as a crutch.
>  Eat anything, and just bolus for it. She says the insulin will work for a
> while, but then I will become
> "immune" to the effects of insulin - and be up a the creek?
>  Any truth to this? I have heard of a very few people - that insulin does not
> continue to work, but think
> that is the exception - not the rule.
>  A normal body produces insulin, and can handle mild abuse, does one really
> to lead a greatly
>  regimented life - while on the pump? I do monitor and bolus frequently, but
> concerned for long-term
> problems.
> Suggestions/Stories?
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