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Re: [IP] Re:Mac software

On 7/6/03 10:53 PM, "probent" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar typing
skills by writing:

>    Earlier this year I talked to people at LifeScan about the possibility
> of having Mac compatible programs for the Ultra. The important factor seems
> to be their perception of how many Mac using customers they have. Mac's
> percent of the total market doesn't matter that much. This LifeScan person
> said that the number of Mac software complaints is the critical factor for
> expanding  into the Mac world. That makes sense. The sad fact is that Mac
> users naturally do not complain much about the limited software market
> because it has always been there ( or not there). We know what the
> alternative is.
> But even with just 10% of the world market what if a company that faced
> the question of,' to be or not to be Mac' found that 50% of their customers
> were Mac users? My guess is that the 10% figure would not mean much.
>    Do I hear those insufficiently lubricated wheels?         Peter

LOL! I like the terminology for 'squeaky wheels'...

I was asking Animas about Mac software about 2 years ago. "Oh, yeah! We'll
have it! a lot of the guys in our development department are Mac users...
Yada yada yada..."

But, alas, no action yet. I email, I write I even call. But it's down to
this:  The first company which comes out with Mac software, I will go to at
the time of MY upgrade, so we'll see who really does "Think Different".

--  In a perfect world, Mac leads and the rest follow.

AOL-IM: Wyldceltic1

Jenny Sutherland
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