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RE [IP] Effects of Long Term BG Corrections

 >>but then I will become "immune" to the effects of insulin

if this one doesnt require a pleh-eze, nothing does...

im somewhat curious, as to the source of this phenomenal piece of information.

if shes right, could someone please phone me, and tell me, ive been dead, 
for 20 years, but just didnt realize it......

look at it this way.... ive been shooting insulin for 46 years.....,
and people in this group, have been shooting longer, and pumping, for  20 
plus years...
it still seems to work on me, and, from what i gather, on them too....

hope wifey is an accountant, or interior decorator.

Really... any (all) question(s), is worth asking, but, i do wonder, where 
some ideas come from?
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