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[IP] new doctor- now I'm confused

Hi:  From the unsolicited advice department

1)  Correction boluses are easy to determine.  Try 50:1 and test once every
1/2 hour for three hours (assuming you are on an analogue insulin).  Get 3
good sets of readings at 50:1 and keep going down in 10:1 increments until you
get a ration that brings you down to your target.

2)  6 different basals is too much.  Nobody really needs more than 4.  You're
just fooling yourself if you think that many basals is helping.  Too many

3)  Every type I should have a TSH (thyroid function) test done every year.
Type Is are definitely at risk for all autoimmune diseases, including
hashimodos and other thyroid problems.

4)  Latest AMA guidelines equate diabetes with heart disease so type Is should
have COMBINED cholesterol under 200 and LDL under 100.  Statin drugs like
lipitor are fantastic.  Works great for me.

5)  your new doc seems more on the ball than the old one.
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