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Re: [IP] "ezManager Plus: chat now available in Archives

On 7/5/03 10:54 PM, "Kay Guy" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar typing
skills by writing:

> Thank you. I was about to look at the chat archive for the very same
> information. Do you have any insight about how we can encourage Animas
> to become Mac friendly? I'm sure rewriting the program would be
> expensive and the decision is based purely on how long it would take to
> be profitable, but we are out there and ready to buy.
> Kay

Exactly. And another thing to consider is the argument about there 'not
being any software for the Mac' Yes, there is. But we as pumpers/patients
and so on should be given the freedom to choose. PC's are fine for some and
not others. Just like other 'big ticket' items like a car or the pump.
Imagine if they only made a fuel injection device for Chevvies and the rest
of us had to buy adapters for our Hondas, Fords, whatever....

-- When physicists are cornered by a problem they can't solve, they add
another dimension.

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Jenny Sutherland
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