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[IP] Ear drops and infections

Not sure what you could use as a homemade remedy for ear infections, 
but they do make oils (available in the medicine aisle at any local 
drugstore) like fish oil or something similar, can't think of any 
others at this time, but when I had an ear infection many years ago, 
the doctor told me to warm a little of this oil and drop it in my ear 
and place a cotton ball in the ear canal to keep the oil from running 
down your neck, and I remember it helping.  As far as OTC pain 
relievers, Mortin works quite well, if you can tolerate 4 of them it 
is equivalent to Motrin 800mg which is availabl thru prescription 
only, but without the drug haze feeling.  But again, this is a YMMV 
thing, this is what has worked for me in the past.  I am not a big 
swimmer, but I do not think ear infections are more common in people 
with D than those without it.  It could possibly be from the water 
remaining in your ears?  Not sure, but good luck!

20 yrs T1`
pumping since 3/01
Does anyone know what you mix together to make homemade eardrops to 
put in your ears if you swim a lot to help avoid ear infections?  I 
know it's rubbing alcohol and something else.  Also, are diabetics 
more prone to ear infections than "regular" people?  I seem to get 
them a lot for some reason. Anything OTC to help with the pain or make 
it go away until I can get in to a doctor?
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