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Re: [IP] "ezManager Plus: chat now available in Archives

>Thank you. I was about to look at the chat archive for the very same 
>information. Do you have any insight about how we can encourage 
>Animas to become Mac friendly? I'm sure rewriting the program would 
>be expensive and the decision is based purely on how long it would 
>take to be profitable, but we are out there and ready to buy.

Hard to say what the market numbers would have to be to make it 
worthwhile, but I imagine that it never really would be.   Actually, 
it was only one of the Reps who was not receptive.  The other Rep was 
the engineer who had worked on the software release and who favors 
Macs to begin with.  But even his viewpoint would not be enough to 
change managements decision about the marketability of a Mac program. 
After all, we still have Virtual PC to operate in, whereas it will be 
years before the PCs catch up with the Mac operating system.      :>)

Dx 4/64, "reborn" via H-tron 8/98, iMac 7/02, IR1000 10/02      ;>)

>Tom Beatson wrote:
>>I went through the archived chat and was very pleased to see that 
>>there were several IPers who are Mac advocates, and who were 
>>pushing on the not-very-receptive Animas spokespersons to come out 
>>with a Mac version of the ezmanager.
>>Tom Beatson
>>dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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