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[IP] 60???

Laura writes:
>They set my new target at 60 to 120, but I see huge blinding 
> white spots at 60, and I do not want to be set too low.  

Hey, i am not a doctor, but I have played one on stage, and I would have to 
say that for ME, and apparently for YOU, if you see "huge blinding white 
 spots," 60 is TOOOOOO LOW!!!! The longer you maintain these super tight
 the more impressed I am, but the more sensation of hypo you may lose (YMMV),
it is a short little trip from 60 to 50 which is low by NORMAL standards...I 
sure wouldn't want you driving down  my street with huge blinding white spots, 
even though you are in your so-called "target range."..If you are seeing huge 
blinding white spots at 60 (also known as flashers and they are a SYMPTOM of 
proliferative and background retinopathy), then I would probably RAISE my 
target level.  Lots of lows may result in a lower A1c, but you can achieve the 
same thing in a more healthy, less debilitating way 

If it was ME, I would also question the doctor...if you have blood vessels in 
your eye that are bleeding when you bend over, then I'd have to assume you 
 have neovascularization and I don't know when "mere new blood vessels that leak
blood into your eye" becomes "proliferative retinopathy" but I sure as hell 
would want to put a HALT to them NOW before it gets worse and I needed a 
 vitrectomy....of course, that is just ME, having HAD two vitrectomies which
were a
pretty much direct result of way too tight control way too fast when i went on 
the pump....not saying I had good control before the pump and I probably would 
have gotten retinopathy anyway, just the facts are the facts...

good luck!!  I am sure you will get it all straightened out soon....

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