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[IP] "ezManager Plus: chat now available in Archives

If you missed this past Tuesday's chat with Animas, then you missed a
great chat about the exManager and the upcoming ezManager Plus Palm OS

The new ezManager Plus program can download data from both your Animas
pump as well as a variety of Glucometers.  

Other features include a built-in Food database (over 3,000 items) to
calculate dosage based on user's I:C ratios, Calculate BG correction
dose based on user's target, Activity database, Downloads multiple BG
meters per user, Fifteen different charts and graphs for user and
healthcare team to view trends at a glance for real time review and it
can also export to Excel and customize log information.

PDAs are designed to help make our lives more organized and easier and
the new (and old) ezManager software does just that by providing a
means to integrate all the data regarding our BG levels, pump history
as well as food data.

Special thanks to Barbara Montgomery and Bogdan Butoi, both of
Animas Corp for a very interesting and informative chat.

The chat transcripts are now available for viewing.  Simply point your
browser to:


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