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[IP] not cute

Len wrote:
> i admit, i dont do cute.... However, i though my problem is I DONT 
> "Got Islets" 
> something else... if i wore that around anyone I know, they ask 
> ""Bermuda or St. Thomas ?"cute ??... maybe..... But, a little 
> obscure, to all but the initiated, isnt it ??

well everyone has to choose their battles.  Personally I would wear the cap 
for the phrase on the back....DIABETES SUCKS....and then when people ASK what 
do Islets have to do with diabetes, then I can explain the whole islets of 
 langerhans thing to them...My islets were destroyed by an autoimmune disease,
it isn't like AIDS, it is most likely an endocrine problem....Without working 
 islets, you hve no insulin. Islets are the things they are currently trying to
replicate and transplant in an effort to CURE DIABETES...unlike the pump 
companies who are just trying to find new gimmicks to get the insulin into 
 us.....we are STILL using the same thing they discovered almost 100 years ago
treat our diabetes...granted, it has evolved a little and taking care of our 
 selves is certainly easier than it was in the boil-a-needle days, but it is
and STEM CELL (particularly FETAL in MY opinion) research that should be 
 getting the focus, the money and the public NEEDS to be educated in order to
 this happen. Do you think breast cancer and prostrate cancer get so much focus
cuz MORE people have those horrible diseases than have diabetes? Not by a LONG 
shot - the cancer people are just more VOCAL about it....and "heck, if we all 
just lost a little weight adn didn't eat those carrots, we wouldnt even need 
those shots, right?" gawd spare me from idiots like that!!  We NEED hats like 
this!!  I want a BUMPER sticker that says it....

Did you know we have a little ribbon on hope - breast cancer's is 
 pink....AIDs is red...ours is grey, and i wear it whenever i get the
chance....and love
it when people ask what it is for!  The research stamp was GREAT, but we need 
one like the breast cancer one that would actually raise money AND 

oh well....i guess it is kinda "CUTE" after all....I better not get one.  god 
knows I wouldn't want anyone to think i was CUTE...

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