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[IP] herbs for sight

Laura wrote:
> I wonder if I can take some antioxidants or whatever to help 
> my retinopathy out while I am going through these BG changes?  

trust me, if these things like pycnogenol and grapeseed extract really 
 worked, the doctors would be encouraging us to take them...not to say they
don't .
Diabetics in France have been  using pycnogenol for years.....there was an FDA 
study of a derivative of it....i think it was one I was on for a while, but it 
was inconclusive and these two are expensive.  Yes, antioxidants are supposed 
to be good for helping your body get rid of the free radicals (which also 
 apparently cause wrinkles)....A, C and E, I think, are the most common
me, the bleeding subsided when I raised my target range from 80 - 120....and 
made 100 -150 my goal.....it is the lows that "can" cause the bleeds...and it 
is a short step from 80 to where I feel LOW and after running 80-120 for a 
while you tend to lose sensation of slightly lower blood sugars....

Are your little bleeders due to neovascularization (new vessel growth)?  If 
so, then as I understand it, these are the ones that "may" get a little 
 worse....these NEW blood vessels your eye has created are weaker than normal
and any
pressure "may" ause one to bleed....a nightmare, headboard banding sex, 
traffic, weight lifting...watchign a scary movie...bending over and tying your 
shoe...all these things caused bleeds that first 2-6 months i was on the 
 pump....once i learned that the lsuper tight control could be a cause, I raised
target....BUT YMMV and the long term improvements are what are important I 
suppose....personally I hated the bleeders....
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