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Subject: [IP] Visual changes with better BG?

>>     Anyone know if one week (and I mean one week only) of better BG
control can
result in visual problems with my prescriptions? I'm on a new pump and all
numbers are way down, but suddenly my contacts and glasses are not working
good.     <<


Geez, are you STILL diabetic? How much longer, eh?

I was told last year by my optometrist that it only takes about a day for
high blood sugar to cause the refractive index of your eyeball to increase
(which makes ME nearsighted) but it takes at least a week of "normal sugars"
for the "regular" refraction to come back. That was the reason he suggested
that I NOT have my prescription checked if I had run a high sugar (I am
guessing that it would have to be high for at least SEVERAL hours) within
the week before he checked it for my next prescription. I have had at least
TWO separate occasions when I picked up glasses cut to my new prescription
that were NOT right. The optician gladly re-cut a new set for free.

Now, if your sugars have been running noticeably lower for a week I would
guess that your prescription HAS changed and it might be wise to wait a
little while and then get it checked again.

By the way, contacts sure are cheaper to "replace" than glasses. In fact I
often will get a couple contacts to "try out". My optometrist GIVES me these
samples. I think they ALL do if you ask.


Nick Trubov
and all the little Trubovs
Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
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