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[IP] Needed to kinda vent(long)

Hi everyone.  Kinda needed to share some of my bad and good things that have
happened to me in the past little while.  I don't really have anyone else to
talk to.it started i am going to say it started back in july of last year.
My husband got laid off from work and i lost all my benefits.  Things got
tough but somehow seemed to manage having to pay for all supplies out of
pocket.  Then in feb of this year i got robbed.  Then my marriage started
falling apart when my husband starting doing drugs and was getting very
abusive in every way possible.  I ended up finally telling him to get out
that i was NOT going to put up with being abused and a husband with a drug
and drinking problem.  Things only got worse.  I couldn't afford insulin
pump supplies or insulin.  Many kind people from the list helped me out, and
many many thanks go out to them(you know who you are).  If it was not for
them i would have went off the pump and stopped testing my sugar.  I tried
many of the programs referred to me to get help but all them turned me down
or wouldn;t cover pump supplies.  Then my hours at work were cut back to
like 12 hours a week if that.  Then my husband started harrasssing me
threatening to kill me, the make sure he screwed me over so i ended up with
nothing.  I have gone a year now without benefits. and it has been tough.  I
have been severly depressed.  I ended up on ativan (sedatives) for pretty
much a nervous breakdown and sooo much stress in my life.  Then a little
while ago an old freind came back into my life.  He knows alot about
diabetes, his best freind is diabetic.  He is a wonderful person and has
been doing everything he can to help me out.  Whether it be shoulder to cry
on, to be here to comfort me, or to help with money if i need anything or
just there to be a freind.  Then hours at my work started picking up a
little bit(i work in the tourist area) which is still really slow.  Then i
got a phone call the other day from a company wondering if i could start on
monday doing customer service for cox cable!  I was like yes.. Full time
work year round WITH BENEFITS.  I am soo excited.  Things are really
starting to look better..  So now i just have to wait three months till the
benefits kick in and i can get back on my feet.  So now i just have to worry
about keeping two jobs and not wearing myself out.  and i know that when i
am back on my feet whenever possible i will return the niceness and the help
that the people here have shown me.  So just wanted to say thanks and to
tell the people in situations like mine. Good things comes to those who wait

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