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[IP] Re: ear drops and infections

Julie, I just read about a natural remedy for Swimmer's Ear in my
Chiropractor's newsletter:  It says to "apply 3-4 drops of natural lemon
juice to the ear canal every 30 minutes until the pain subsides.  The lemon
juice will take the swelling down and will acidify the ear canal; the
bacteria cannot live in an acidic environment."  I can't testify to the
effectiveness of this treatment myself, and as always, YMMV.

<Does anyone know what you mix together to make homemade eardrops to put in
your ears if you swim a lot to help avoid ear infections?  I know it's
rubbing alcohol and something else.  Also, are diabetics more prone to ear
infections than "regular" people?  I seem to get them a lot for some reason.
Anything OTC to help with the pain or make it go away until I can get in to
a doctor?
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