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Re: [IP] New Minimed Pump Info

hi tina,
 i would also be interested in anything you find out date-wise on this. i saw
this email this morning after my 5th no delivery alarm in 48 hours, and after
a a01 alarm (erased everything). i've had the 508 since sep '00 and never had
any problems. now i'm worried. has anyone had a pump "just go bad" on them
after not having ANY problems? minimed reps were extremely nice but i'd like
to know if now my fake pancreas is failing me too.
anyway, just to let you all know i have a call into my local rep on this. the
woman i spoke w/ at minimed said the paradigm upgrade program was available to
"all 5XX users", which would mean the 508 would be included, as long as it was
still under warranty (it is). but when we looked at the website it says "all
500 -series paradigm users" are eligible.
when i find out who's eligible i will post back.

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00 pumping 9/00

 I just came from the Minimed headquarters this evening.  They are doing
> usability testing on the new pump and materials that are due for release
> sometime in the next few months most likely - the new Paradigm 512.
> added a few new features that are actually pretty nice (especially the
> 'bolus wizard').
> Changes from the Paradigm 511:
> 1) Bolus Wizard
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