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Re: [IP] Humor in testing - how many of you have spurted while testing?

<How many of you have had blood <spurt out while testing?

I have had blood spurt out several times when testing, more often since
being pregnant.  Not sure if it is because of increased blood volume with
pregnancy or what.  It strikes me as being very funny when it happens.  The
only time it wasn't funny was when I spurted blood over a new light green
top.  Other times I usually hit a desk or files or the floor which are
easier to clean up.  Once in the middle of the night I spurted over my face
and bed sheets I rolled over and went back to sleep, in the morning it took
me a while to figure out what had happened.  People who are with me at the
time usually don't think it is very funny.  I think it freaks them out.

29 weeks pregnant
pumping since Jan/02
Dx Dec/92
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