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[IP] vision changes

Laura writes:
>Anyone know if one week (and I mean one week only) of better 
> BG control canresult in visual problems with my prescriptions? 

Most emphatically YES...  they in fact recommend that you NOT have 
 refractions done if your blood sugars have not been in control for at least a
couple of
days....ever notice how some people report getting tunnel or blurry visiion 
during lows
?  the blood sugar fluctuations directly affect your eyes (and this is not 
even a YMMV type of thing...though the extent of affect varies 
widely)....congrats on the better control.  

As a caveat...if there is bleeding in the eye currently, drastically improved 
control "can" result in a worsening of the bleeding....this is documented, 
and I believe the newer version of Pumping Insulin addresses this....and of 
 course WMMV. They didn't tell me this 10 1/2 years ago when i started pumping
went from an A1C of 13 to 6.9 in less than three months.....I bled like a 
stuck pig.....

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