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Re: [IP] Visual changes with better BG?

In a message dated 7/4/2003 1:00:53 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
> Anyone know if one week (and I mean one week only) of better BG control can
> result in visual problems with my prescriptions? I'm on a new pump and all 
> my
> numbers are way down, but suddenly my contacts and glasses are not working 
> too
> good.

Quoted from the book, Smart Pumping, by Howard Wolpert.
 A number of studies have clearly shown that there are numerous long-term 
 benefits to be gained by tightening your glucose control. Overall, your risk of
complications down the road is drastically reduced.  This includes retinopathy 
(diabetic eye disease).
Strangely, however, there's a chance that if you already have retinopathy, 
 your condition could actually get worse during the first year or so of
therapy (going on pump). If your A1C levels are very high in the beginning, 
and then rapidly reduce, you run the risk of this deterioration. Keep in mind 
 that the long-term benefits of tight diabetes control far outweigh the risks of
worsening retionopathy in the early stages of intensive therapy. Also keep in 
mind that this risk  for worsening can occur whether diabetes control is 
intensified by either MDI or by the pump. In fact, none of the people studied 
 suffered from worsened retinopathy early on developed any serious loss of
The lesson to be learned from this is simple---always have a dialated eye 
 exam before you start any intensive therapy, including pump therapy. YOu should
also talk with your ophthalmologist (eye doc)about whether of not you should 
have more frequent eye checks once you start tightening your control.

I hope this helps some. Tina
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