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[IP] Re: lows and brain dammage (was DM on Discovery Health Channel)

 I don't know anything specific on the mechanisms but I have heard that lows can
be detrimental to the brain.

 In the glucagon info packet it says that it is very important to give glucagon
to someone who is unconscious due to a low BG because being in this state for
too long may cause them to irreversibly enter a vegatative state.

 My endo has also told me that I should avoid lows because going very low can
deprive the brain of sugar and cause the death of brain cells. My endo tends to
be very conservative about how low I should allow myself to get, but he said
that I should never allow myself to be under 60 (as in if I'm above 60 and going
to eat dinner in half an hour I don't have to take a snack, but if I'm in the
50's I should bring myself up immediately)
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