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[IP] Re: new doctor- now I'm confused

>>>There are some major differences from what my last doctor said and I'm
wondering... was the other one not treating me right?  Is this one? >>>

A bad doctor is the one you had before the one you have now. ;-)

>>> I used to have a basal profile with 6 different doses.  The new one says
that's not usually right except for someone who exercises at a certain time
or has other unusual circumstances, so she put me on 4. >>>

On the 6 rates, did it work for you? How did your basal fastings turn out?
Remember YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). I had a kidneyologist throw me out of
his office due to my *non-compliance* when I quit taking the Captopril cuz
it was doing me in! He said, "It works for 95% of the people!!!!!" Wellllll,
that's how I see what you have said, *that's not usually right* - except for
the exceptions. You may be one who needs the 6 rates - that's why pumps have
that capability.

>>> She also spent a
lot of time checking my thyroid, and also did blood work.  The other one
never checked my thyroid and only did a urine test once a year, said
cholesterol was my primary care doc's job and never mentioned thyroid.
But according to this new doc people with dm are more likely to have thyroid
problems.  >>>

I'm presuming she's an endo? Endo's specialize in the endocrine system and
the pancreas and thryoid are 2 of the glands. Yes, thyroid problems are very
common with DMers. My tests always were normal, except I was showing signs
of a goiter and my neck was so large. I had classic symptoms as well. I was
choking at night since my windpipe was being cut off but doc would not Rx
med. I told GYN about it and he said to bring it up again and if I didn't
get an Rx, he'd do it. I got it and neck subsided to normal. That was in
'78. I'm saying if there are symptoms, many times the tests are *normal.* As
(dr.) spot (HEY, SPOT, WHERE ARE YOU????)   says, "The tests are wrong, the
patient is right."

>>>There's other stuff too but I don't want to write a book here. So
now I'm wondering if I should be worried about such differences in
treatment.  I realize every doc is going to be a little different, but how
do you know if they're treating you right?  >>>

The other doc probably made mistakes - but this one will too. Change those
basals due to her suggestion and TEST, TEST, TEST. Your records will show
who is right. YOU are in control of your pump and if it shows *failure* her
way, you have every right to do what works best for you. I wouldn't try it
more than a week or two if it shows you are out of control the new way.
Explain your logs to give the reason why returning (if need be) to your old

Keep us updated.

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