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Re: [IP] new doctor- now I'm confused

Hi Julie,
Sounds to me like the new doc is doing some extra tests, so that would be a
good thing in my book, better to be aware than not. On the other note, IF
the basals were working and IF the correction bolus was workin, I would NOT
change them, if they WERE NOT workin, then it cant hurt to try it her way.
Good luck, and always remember that WE are our own PRIMARY docs(as
diabetics), I listen to my docs, then tell them what I agree/disagree with
and we compromise(usually in my favor;))
Tami in Tucson

So I just recently saw my new doctor for the first time since moving here.
There are some major differences from what my last doctor said and I'm
wondering... was the other one not treating me right?  Is this one?  For
instance, the other one had me on a correction bolus of 30:1.  This one says
that was way too high and put me on 50:1 and said that may even be too high.
I used to have a basal profile with 6 different doses.  The new one says
that's not usually right except for someone who exercises at a certain time
or has other unusual circumstances, so she put me on 4.  She also spent a
lot of time checking my thyroid, and also did blood work.  The other one
never checked my thyroid and only did a urine test once a year, said
cholesterol was my primary care doc's job and never mentioned thyroid.  But
according to this new doc people with dm are more likely to have thyroid
problems.  There's other stuff too but I don't want to write a book here. So
now I'm wondering if I should be worried about such differences in
treatment.  I realize every doc is going to be a little different, but how
do you know if they're treating you right?  What do you think?
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