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Re: [IP] Ultraflex

At 08:25 PM 7/3/03, Carol wrote:
>I have some issues with the Disetronic Ultraflex sets.  Maybe someone can give
>me some ideas.  I've just been trying them out.  I find it very difficult to
>get the paper backing off, and, to make it even more challenging, you seem to
>have to expose the introducer needle to really get the paper off.  But then I
>am exposing myself to accidental stabbing.  (It will DEFINITELY happen one of
>these times!)  To make matters worse, on the 3rd or 4th one I tried, my
>numbers went up to 450, so I changed sets and found that the cannula had
>popped out from under my skin, although the tape was firmly in place.  Has
>this happened to anyone else?
>Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

I also had all kinds of problems with the UltraFlex.  I ended up most of 
the time with crimped cannulas.  I explicitly followed the instructions for 
insertion with no success.  For me, I found that the needle would smoothly 
go in, then stop causing me to have to push again to get it to finish the 
insertion.  No matter how fast I inserted, no matter how smoothly I tried, 
this always happened.  I've since decided to try the shorter cannula to see 
if it made any difference, but when I called Disetronic to get some 
samples, they told me that since I had used the UltraFlex already, they 
couldn't send me any samples.  So... I'm using the 6mm QuickSet.  They work 
great for me, I have no problems with insertion and they stay attached and 
in.  You might consider giving them a try.  YMMV.

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