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Re: [IP] seeing other pumpers

I was in a Hardward store last week when the lady helping me says "i see a
lot of people with those
things" of course she was referring to my MM. Funny i have never seen
anyone on a pump since i've
had one. I wear it on my belt either under a short sleeve t-shirt or a
sweat shirt, so its
not very noticable. Its my usual attire, not trying to hide the MM


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>When I was still researching insulin pumps, I noticed
>that the barista at my favorite coffee shop had a wee
>tube coming out of her front pocket....what I had
>always assumed was a pager was in fact her minimed
>508...!  I asked her if it was an insulin pump, and
>now that I'm pumping, we always compare notes when I
>get my weekend cappucino...
>So far she is the only other pumper I've encountered. 
>I know there are more and more of us out there!
>By the way, thanks to everyone who had comments about
>different infusion sets...I was using quick sets and
>had so many bad sites, I lost count.  Am now using
>Silouhettes and having great numbers!  And no pain!
>Yay!  Ok, done raving now.   
>Hope everyone is doing well....
>Anna in Seattle
>dx'd 05/80 pumping since 05/03 paradigm
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