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RE [IP] Ultraflex

>> To make matters worse, on the 3rd or 4th one I tried, my
>> numbers went up to 450, so I changed sets and found that the cannula had
>> popped out from under my skin, although the tape was firmly in place.  Has
>> this happened to anyone else?

 That happened to my son with the Ultraflex. I was so thankful I got up to check
him when I did. When he went to bed around 10pm he was around 190 (a little
high, but not out of my target range for him). I checked him at 2:30 am and he
was 570!!! The tape looked fine, but sure enough, the cannula had come out. I
think he knocked/snagged it as he was getting into his pullup.

 That was enough for me - I'm going back to the Sils/Tenders. I don't like the
profile of the Ultraflex or the Quickset. A 90 degree cannula and a raised
infusion set is a bad combination! Couple that with an active child that wears
the site on their hip, and there is a large potential for trouble. Although the
Sil/Tender insertion hurts more, the sites have been much more reliable, at
least in my experience.

Mom to Ryan (6 years old and pumping since 8/17/00) 
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