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Insulin pump device provides relief for diabetes sufferers 

Published Thursday, July 3, 2003 11:33:28 AM Central Time

MONROE -- Many diabetic patients find big relief thanks to a little plastic 
device that's roughly the size of a pager. 

Insulin pump therapy relies on a small automatic pump to deliver small 
 amounts of insulin to the body continually. The device helps keep a patient's
glucose in the desired range between meals and overnight. 

The unit contains a pump reservoir (like a regular syringe) filled with 
 insulin, a small battery-operated pump and a computer chip that allows the user
control exactly how much insulin the pump delivers to the body through a thin, 
flexible tube called an "infusion set." The pump is intended to be worn 
 continuously, except during short periods of exercise, bathing and when
clothes. Insulin is delivered 24 hours a day, according to an individual 
 patient's customized program. The pump is not completely automatic. Extra
insulin can
be delivered by pressing buttons on the unit. The user determines how much 
insulin to dispense when eating based on blood sugar readings, meaning blood 
 sugars must be tested more frequently. The pumps provide an accurate and
insulin delivery system, free of the strict scheduling demands required by 
injection therapy. 

More information about the pump will be available at a presentation of 
 "Insulin Pump Therapy: The Choice is Yours." Carol Lancaster, Becky Mischka,
 Mischka and Colette Wyttenbach of The Monroe Clinic's diabetes clinic team will
speak at the informational community program set for 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, 
July 8 in Founder's Hall. 

The presentation is part of the diabetes support group meeting. Meetings are 
open to diabetes sufferers, their loved ones and the general public. 

Founders Hall is located on the lower level of The Monroe Clinic's clinic 
building in Monroe. 

Representatives from Animas Corporation and Medtronic MiniMed will be on hand 
for product information and demonstrations following the presentation. 
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Times, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA</A>
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