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[IP] flying (again)

there has been a lot written on this subject in the last few years, and even 
more so since September 11th.....but.....

Linda wrote:
> On my recent trip .....on Northwest Airlines, the instructions given 
> on one of the legs of the flight seemed to clearly require me to in 
> some way disable my pump

Did it literally SAY disable your pump?  Did it really tell you to DISABLE 
your LIFE SUSTAINING medical device?  Did it also tell pace maker wearers to 
discontinue using THAT?  I have seen the sign requesting people with medical 
 devices to notify the screener, but i have never done it. Do they also require
that people wearing quartz watches make THEM stop working?  

I have to tell you, first off, cell phones, CD players, tape players, game 
boys etc do NOT interfer with navigation...thre are lots of reasons they don't 
want you to use them, but that is not an IP discussion, but to turn off your 
 pump? Even in suspend mode, it is still "emitting" same as a quartz watch or a
game boy or anything else with batteries in it....

> never occurred to me to remove meters from my carry-ons 
> when putting them through security.  But one security person 
> (in DC) was being rather menacing about removing any battery-powered 

Did he say WHY?  Were they TRYING to make people miss their flights?  In my 
bag i usually have 2 meters, a walkman, a battery powered toothbrush, my PALM 
pilot, my laptop, a small flashlight on my keychain....Surely they JEST when 
they say they want you to take all that out...I would need a pretty damn good 
reason, and NOT just cuz THEY said so....Part of the problem with the TSA is 
 that we unquestioning allow them to invade our privacy - they have no CAUSE to
so ridiculous about this!!  It wasn't battery operated box cutters that got 
through for god's sake....

> asked on a couple planes if I was carrying anything sharp, 
> and I said yes, insulin syringes 

I always say "Yes...my wit."  Of course, they usually don't GET it.....I 
 don't consider syringers SHARP anyway...i consider them POINTY...it isnt like
could SLICE someone's jugular with a syringe...and for that matter you can't 
even cut YARN with a lancet!  I tried, since they don't let us little old lady 
crocheters have DANGEROUS manicure scissors anymore....nothing about my 
crochet hook, that i could jam up your nose and pull your BRAIN out......oh 
no...THAT is fine....

Last year I took over 30 various flights...so far this year I am at roughly 
20, which means at least 50 airport screenings, not counting the times I went 
out more than once to go to Starbucks.....

Not ONCE has the walk through metal detector gone off. My airports include 
Newark, Laguardia, both Houston airports, LAX, Charlotte, San Juan PR, Dallas, 
 Antigua, Guadaloupe, Oakland, Charlotte, Midway, O'Hare, Grand Rapids, Atlanta,
Phoenix, Tucson, Orange County, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale, 
San Diego, Mobile, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Denver,  and a 
 couple others, i think....There is no WAY I would even THINK of disconnecting
sending my INSULIN PUMP through an xray machine, nor would I even consider 
turning it offf!!!

If those machines are harmful to high speed film and small infants, then I 
SURE don't want it near my LIFE SUSTAINING pump Besides, it is tough enough 
 having to juggle the water bottle, coat, backpack, ID, ticket and then
the laptop! Twice i have left something behind and both times never recovered 
them, so you think the government can do or say ANYTHING to entice me or force 
me to take my PUMP off?  good luck.

As I get in line, I push the pump down in my pocket. One time i didnt have 
 pockets and it ws on my waist band and the guy standing there told me to remove
my cell phone, in a completely uncessarily snotty tone of voice (like he is 
thinking "how could this DUMB ass not read the instructions about putting cell 
phones in the baskets") and I TELL him it is NOT a cell phone (you dumb ass), 
it is an insulin pump and it does NOT come off. That time and a couple other 
times when my underwire bra or jeans zipper set it off, I get the wand and 
patted down, and you KNOW I just LOVE being felt up by a stocky woman.....

Once in Tucson, I was asked, "Do You Mind If I Search You?" naturally, I said 
"YES I mind a great deal!" Her eyes got real big and she called over the head 
dude...."she won't let me search her," the little idiot said. "You can't go 
through if you don't comply" said the head honcho. "Excuse me," I said, "but 
she ASKED, did I MIND if she searched me, and I said YES...I did NOT say she 
couldn't search me." duhhhh

I never volunteer that I have insulin or syringes or anything else....Works 
for the army...don't ask, don't tell.  They have the xray. if they see 
 something they don't like, they can hold me up and search it...why ASK for
ya know??  i have seen diabetics VOLUNTEETING the information that they have 
 syringes...they get hauled over to the side, patted down, searched, made to
documentation. If that isn't a violation of my ADA protected, not to mention 
CONSTITUTIONAL rights, then I don't know what is! I also refuse to walk 
BAREFOOT through the scanner....I have diabetes  (for god's sake how DARE they 
 expect me to walk Barefooted). My shoes never beep...sometimes they make me sit
 down and hold my feet up for a scan...but you know how I like to stir it
I don't mind.  I don't get to airport early cuz they TELL me to...I get there 
early so I can HAVE SOME FUN with the TSA  

Comes the day they REQUIRE us to remove our pumps to go thorugh security is 
 the day I put the canula as far down on my leg as I can stand it. Then when it
is my turn, I will have have to take my pants off to get to the disconnect 
 place. heheheh I will let you all know when and where, in case you wanna come
watch the show!!

Sara SP who walks through the airports with a copy of Arianna Huffington's 
book HOW TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT, just to see how many people freak out.
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