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[IP] Flying

On my recent trip from DC to Calgary (via Minneapolis) and back on 
Northwest Airlines, the instructions given on one of the legs of the 
flight seemed to clearly require me to in some way disable my pump.  
Since the instructions on the other flights were clearly referring to 
cellphones, laptops, and such, I just ignored it <gr.>, but does anyone 
have any idea that there is any potential problem at all?  Should we be 
avoiding flights with too many people with pacemakers?

I just pictured pulling up those little round batteries from the Animas 
and having them all roll down the aisle <gr.>.

Also, it had never occurred to me to remove meters from my carry-ons 
when putting them through security.  But one security person (in DC) 
was being rather menacing about removing any battery-powered devices, 
so I felt obligated to dig them out.  I've never even considered doing 
that before, and no one has ever said anything.  My pump did not set 
off either the machines or the wand on the flight where I was pulled 
over at boarding.  I was asked on a couple planes if I was carrying 
anything sharp, and I said yes, insulin syringes (figured that would do 
as a generic term for the pump supplies, too), and that caused no 
concern, evidently. They asked no more questions.

Linda Z
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