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Re: [IP] Any suggestions?

Hi.  It may be puberty and then again, it may not.  Have you all tested 
basals lately?  Rather than doing the all day fasting, I'd suggest just 
doing each part of the day separately, breakfast  to lunch, then lunch 
to dinner, etc.  The other thing I'm wondering is, just how inconsistent 
your daughters Bgs were.  If we are talking about a 10-15% variance off 
target it could be the bolus ratio.  If more than that it could be a 
combo of both the basal and bolus.  Again, rather than trying to figure 
all of this out all at once, try starting with one section of the day 
and moving around the clock.  If all of this still looks like you all 
are doing the "right" thing, then it may be puberty and time for all of 
the other parents on the list to jump in.  For myself, I find that good 
overnight control gives me a better nights rest, so when my numbers go 
south, that is were I start.

Good luck,
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
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