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[IP] microalbumin

Don't freak Joni....You CAN falsify this test as your doctor indicated.  
 Under 20 is "normal." Under 200 is what is called micro-albuminism, but 61 is
that bad  Over 200 is proteininuria (sp?) and you are on your way to tons 
o'fun - just ask poor Jan H.  

First thing, however, is to get the test redone to make sure it wasn't a 
fluke. AND DO not beat yourself up until you get it done!  Secondly, (or maybe 
even first), if you are not already, TELL your doctor to put you on an ACE 
 inhibitor like Capoten or Accupril or or or....This is a medicine usually used
high blood pressure but has been CONCLUSIVELY and SCIENTIFICALLY proven to 
halt, reverse and improve microalbuminism and more and more doctors are 
 prescribing it for newly diagnosed diabetics because of the preservative
Once you are over the 200 mark you can't really reverse the promblem, but you 
can hold steady, hopefully...

This is NOT a bad or unusual thing.  "Most" people with diabetes are going to 
show some vascular changes after any time with diabetes (oh, all you literal 
NO COMPLICATION "perfect" people shut up - you just have good genes, and I 
"DID" say MOST, not all), whether it is in your eyes or kidneys or whatever

Stay calm

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