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Re: [IP] Ultraflex

I have no issues with the Ultraflex.
Start with clean, dry hands.  I put paper remnants in box site comes in & peel
over it as inside of box/package is clean.
 I hold it lightly like cowboy hat, twist plastic cover of inserter off, pull
off longer end, one side then the other, then do same on other end. (was told
remove paper any way I can.) I do not hold with blue knob inserter top. Peel
 slowly so you don't stretch tape. Then use my clean thumb & forefinger to
hold longer end sides (fingers on the tape), like holding a cowboy hat), place
needle point on spot you choose for site, push fast on blue knob, smooth, run
 forefinger over tape, pull blue knob/needle out, reconnect pump. If you bend
needle, gently bend it back so it is straight pre-insertion.
 I have not had one pop out. Tape starts to loosen 21/2-41/2 days with me. I use
nothing extra with tape.
 Yes, I have had bent site & needles. Often I think it is too close to ribs
bends it--the movement, of maybe not a fast/hard enough push.  Linda K

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